Letters and Science 24, Section 1

Is Population a Problem? (1 unit, P/NP)

Professor Jenna Johnson-Hanks
Thursday 10:00-11:00, 104 Dwinelle Hall, Class number: 32648

From "the Population Bomb" to immigration to the social security funding crisis, human population often tops the news headlines as a problem. But is it a problem? And if so, what kind of problem is it? This seminar will use mostly popular-press articles to explore population issues in the contemporary world.

Instructor Bio

Jennifer Johnson-Hanks is the Executive Dean of the College of Letters & Science and a professor of demography and sociology. She is a cultural demographer with interests in fertility and family, epistemology, and the history of population thought. Her publications include the books Uncertain Honor: Modern Motherhood in an African Crisis; Understanding Family Change and Variation: Structure, Conjuncture, and Action; and a forthcoming book, How We Count: Why Quantitative Social Science Matters. Johnson-Hanks served as Chair of the Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation and as Chair of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate. She received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and her M.A. and Ph.D from Northwestern University, all in anthropology.

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