Journalism 24, Section 2

Getting the News in the Digital Age (1 unit, P/NP)

Professors Thomas Goldstein and Thomas Leonard
Monday 10:00-11:00, 3 Evans Hall, Class number: 29639

We live in a time where news is plentiful. Who decides what news is? How do we consume it? What are the best strategies to keep well informed? This seminar is part of the campus-wide conversation on the challenging question: What is a Fact?

Instructor Bio

Tom Goldstein spent more than three decades on the Berkeley faculty, including ten years as dean of the journalism school. He also served as dean of the journalism schools at Columbia and Jindal Global University in India. Early in his career, he reported for several papers, including the New York Times.

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Professor Leonard is retired from the Graduate School of Journalism and from the campus post of University Librarian. He is the author of three books on political reporting and the growth of American democracy. He is also a past leader of the Media Studies program at Cal. He is particularly interested in the ways that new media are shaping public policy and elections.

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