Undergraduate Business Administration 39E, Section 1

Civic Technologies (2 units, LG)

Director David Harris
Wednesday 4:00-6:00, C325 Cheit Hall, Class number: 19917

As you prepare to cast a vote in what may be your first election, you will be invited to explore the ways in which social media and related technologies are reshaping political landscapes around the world. In the course, we will look at the ways in which politicians have already adopted social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, paying close attention to current developments in national, state and local politics as events unfold in real time during the semester. We will also closely examine an array of emerging “civic technologies,” including those developed by new political parties (Pirate Party, Partido de la Red), nonprofit organizations (Sunlight Labs, Democracy.Earth, Participatory Democracy Foundation), for-profit startups (Brigade, PopVox, and government agencies (We The People, Tunisian and Icelandic crowdsourced constitutions, eStonia, Participatory Budgeting). Students will be encouraged to develop critical perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of new approaches to democracy from technical, political-economic and critical-theoretical perspectives.

Instructor Bio

David Evan Harris
Chancellor’s Public Scholar, UC Berkeley
Research Director, Institute for the Future
Executive Director and Founder, Global Lives Project

David was appointed as the Chancellor’s Public Scholar in 2015 at UC Berkeley, for his teaching work at the Haas School of Business in association with the Center for Social Sector Leadership. David founded the Governance Futures Lab at the at the Institute for the Future (IFTF), where he has conducted research on the future of governance, philanthropy, media, and social movements since 2008. David is the founder of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience around the world, produced by thousands of collaborating filmmakers, photographers and translators. David has presented his work to audiences at the Smithsonian, Harvard, Stanford, Apple, Google, Adobe, and the United Nations University, among other institutions. His writings have been published by the BBC, Guardian, Adbusters, Focus on the Global South, Hivos, Alternet, and Grist, and translated into dozens of languages. David worked at the White House Council on Environmental Quality while participating in the UCDC program as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley. He later studied Sociology at the University of São Paulo and speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

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