Natural Resources 24, Section 1

Global Environment Theme House Freshman Seminar (1 unit, P/NP)

Professor Robert Rhew
Monday 5:30-7:00, To be assigned, Class number: 27054

The goal of this Freshman Seminar is to bring students and faculty together to explore issues such as global environmental change, policy and management of natural resources, sustainable rural and urban environments, and environmental leadership. The seminar will provide students and faculty a forum to exchange ideas, challenge one another's thinking, and share experiences in a small group setting. Students will have the opportunity to do research and teach their peers about regional to global environmental issues in preparation for Theme Program field trips and guest speakers.

Instructor Bio

Dr. Robert Rhew is an Associate Professor at UC Berkeley in the Department of Geography as well as the Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management.   His field of research is atmospheric science and trace gas biogeochemistry, and his research group measures the biosphere-atmosphere exchange of environmentally important trace gases.  The group works in a wide range of natural and human-dominated ecosystems, including Arctic tundra, temperate grasslands, salt-affected lands, arid and semi-arid shrublands, boreal forest, temperate forest, and tropical ecosystems.  Several field sites are local, and the group has worked in several regional and state parks in the Bay Area.   The research is very interdisciplinary, involving the tools of analytical and atmospheric chemistry, soil geochemistry and microbiology, plant biology and genetics, ecosystem ecology and physical geography.  Dr. Rhew is a Resident Faculty member for Units 1 and 4.

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Course enrollment is restricted to Global Environmental Theme House participants. Obtain consent from the instructor.

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