UC Berkeley's Freshman and Sophomore Seminars provide an unparalleled opportunity for faculty members and small groups of lower-division students to explore a scholarly topic of mutual interest together, following an often spontaneous flow of dialogue and interchange in the spirit of learning for its own sake. By taking a seminar a student becomes an active member of Berkeley's intellectual community. The faculty benefit too: interacting directly with a handful of bright and talented new students can be inspiring and energizing.

Faculty members from every campus department come together to offer approximately one hundred seminars each semester, on an astonishing range of topics. They are encouraged to design seminars on topics they don't typically have a chance to teach, including an emerging research area or an outside interest. Students are encouraged to choose their seminars based on the pull of intellectual curiosity, a desire to explore enticing and even unfamiliar realms.

Course Threads

Many seminars count towards the completion of one or more Course Threads. Course Threads allow Berkeley undergraduates to explore intellectual themes that connect courses across departments and disciplines.

On The Same Page

Some seminars focus on topics related to the current theme of the On the Same Page program.

Berkeley Connect

Another program that offers small-group discussions, as well as one-on-one mentoring, is Berkeley Connect.

Cal Teach

Looking for other small, interactive courses for freshmen? Interested in possibly becoming a math or science teacher? Check out CalTeach.

For Freshmen

For Sophomores

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