Seminars for Freshmen Fall 2019

Seminars depend on the regular presence and active participation of every student. Sharing ideas in class is an important academic skill that can be acquired only through practice. The vigorous discussions that characterize the most successful seminars depend on the commitment of each and every member of the class.

Seminar professors often choose to explore unexpected topics that may not directly relate to the focus of their departments. We don't want you to miss a hidden treasure. If you are interested in the past, for instance, don't look only at seminars offered by the History Department. The pop-up menu below lets you search for seminars by topic.

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Not all seminars are included in the topic search. The complete list of seminars for freshmen appears below. Seminars are very popular; we recommend that you choose a couple of alternatives in case the seminar you are most interested in is full. You may enroll in only one seminar during your registration period. If there are seats left in the adjustment period you can sign up for additional seminars at that time.

  • Anthropology 39, Sec. 1: Refugees and Forced Migration: What are the Problems and What are the Solutions? (2 units, LG)
  • German 39R, Sec. 1: Ideas of Education: From Goethe to Dear White People (4 units, LG) SEATS AVAILABLE
  • History 39B, Sec. 1: Fashion, the Middle Ages, and the Catholic Imagination: Reconsidering the "Heavenly Bodies" Exhibit (4 units, LG)
  • History 39Y, Sec. 1: Well-Behaved Women Making History: Accessing Women's Lives from the Ancient Sources (4 units, LG)
  • Journalism 24, Sec. 1: Looking Backward: Storytellers Using the Future to Change the Present (1 unit, P/NP) SEATS AVAILABLE
  • Physics 24, Sec. 1: How to discover a new particle: the story of the Higgs boson (1 unit, P/NP)