Integrative Biology 84, Section 1

Natural History of Berkeley (1 unit, P/NP)

Lecturer Alan Shabel
Thursday 12:00-1:00, 118 Barrows Hall, Class number: 41901

California is a natural history phenomenon, with a complex geology, a diversity of ecosystems, and a rich flora and fauna. In this seminar, you will be introduced to the natural history of Berkeley through a study of the common plants and animals of the wildland-urban interface. We will combine a series of local field trips with a study of museum specimens and short lectures. There will be no exams or homework assignments. In Spring 2018 we will give special attention to the role of fire in East Bay ecosystems. The course is open to freshman and sophomores.

Instructor Bio

Professor Alan Shabel is a specialist on mammals with a primary focus on African otters, but his interests range across ecological levels of organization, and he is fascinated by the natural history of California and Berkeley.