Integrative Biology 24, Section 7

How Plants Changed the History of our Planet (1 unit, P/NP)

Professor Cynthia Looy
Monday 4:00-5:00, 4110 Valley Life Sciences Building, Class number: 25112

During this seminar we will discuss what profound impact plants have on the functioning of our planet’s surface, atmosphere and ecosystems. We will start off with the transition to land and the emergence of terrestrial ecosystems. We will explore ancient fossilized plant communities and their ecological properties, and examine how major extinction intervals affected their evolution. In addition, we will tour the plant fossil collection of the UC Museum of Paleontology.

Instructor Bio

Cindy Looy is a plant ecologist who investigates the response of Paleozoic plants and plant communities to environmental change during periods of mass extinction and deglaciation, and the possible evolutionary consequences. Her primary research is focused on several aspects of the end-Permian mass extinction and its aftermath and the transition from a glacial-dominated world to an ice-free one during the Late Carboniferous to the Middle Permian.

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