History 39S, Section 1

It's the End of the World: Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements in the Atlantic World, 1500-2000 (4 units, LG)

Professor Mark Emerson
Friday 10:00-12:00, 3205 Dwinelle Hall, Class number: 41341

This seminar explores apocalyptic beliefs and hope for the end of the world in the early modern Atlantic world and/or the desire for the transformation of the world and society—a yearning for a future egalitarian world led by a savior figure. We will examine topics such as the history of apocalyptic ideas and millenarian traditions, early modern movements in Europe, millenarian hopes for the New World, colonial dreams and rebellions, and nineteenth century undertakings from Brazil (Juzeiro and Canudos) to the United States (Millerites and kingdom of Matthias).

Instructor Bio

Mark Cooper Emerson is a Visiting Professor of History. His specialty is the social and cultural history of Portugal and Brazil, 1500-1800. He has published on numerous aspects of early modern and colonial Atlantic societies. He is currently writing a dual biography of two popular female mystics in the seventeenth-century Atlantic world and has a long-term project analyzing popular modes of resistance to the Inquisition in Europe and the Atlantic world.

Breadth Information

This seminar may be used to satisfy the Historical Studies or Social and Behavioral Sciences breadth requirement in Letters and Science.