Integrative Biology 24, Section 5

Global Change and Emerging infectious Diseases (1 unit, P/NP) SEATS AVAILABLE

Professor Wayne Sousa
Tuesday 3:00-4:00, 5053 VLSB, Class number: 25110

With accelerating changes to the Earth's landscapes and its climate, we are witnessing the rapid emergence of infectious diseases that are having dramative effects on plant and animal populations, including humans. Some of these diseases are novel, while others have been present in low prevalence, but are suddenly erupting. We will discuss examples of this phenomenon and explore its causes and impacts on natural populations and communities.

Instructor Bio

I have been a faculty member at Berkeley since 1977, first as a member of the Zoology Department, and now Integrative Biology. My early research was on the response of seashore communities to natural disturbances. I then studied salt marsh host-parasite interactions, focusing on the host snail, Cerithidea californica and its larval trematode parasites. I am now investigating the biological and physical factors that structure tropical mangrove forests on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

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The seminar should be of particular interest to students wanting to learn more about community ecology, the impacts of global change, or the dynamics of parasite populations and the diseases they cause.