Architecture 24, Section 1

Design Thinking, Creativity, Innovation, and Future Career Paths (1 unit, P/NP)

Professor W. Mike Martin
Tuesday 1:00-3:00, , Class number: 21445

Creativity and innovation are the key drivers of success for many of today’s leading industries and organizations. At the center of these activities is how design thinking supports innovation. Most of our future, both today and in the years to come, will be due to a culture of creative innovation. An important element of a creative culture is the use of design thinking as a means to unlock and define the challenges of the day and provide a framework for our actions in producing resolutions.

Instructor Bio

Professor W. Mike Martin has been at UCB for the past 25 years in the Architecture Department of the College of Environmental Design. He served as the Undergraduate Dean of CED for eleven years and completed a three-year term as Chair of the Architecture Department. Just before retiring, he served as the University of California Systems Education Abroad Director for Scandinavia from 2006-2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. His teaching and research have focused on the study of the practice of design thinking, collaborative design, work-studies of practice, and storytelling/narrative as a means of knowledge transfer in practice and the academic community.

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This course provides opportunities for students from all disciplines to explore the principles and concepts that underpin design thinking, creativity, and innovations, and how these powerful ways of thinking and acting are manifested in potential career paths.