Vision Science 24, Section 2

Myths, Mysteries and Discoveries in Medicine (1 unit, P/NP)

Dr. Patsy Harvey
Wednesday 11:00-12:30, 491 Minor Hall, Class number: 38193

Throughout the centuries, people sought to understand the reasons for diseases, disabilities and death. Intriguing explanations, myths and superstitions were developed in an attempt to describe and prevent their medical maladies. In this course, we will discuss early and current explanations of health problems, with special considerations given to nutrition and various cultures in the US and around the world. We will also discuss recent changes in health care and imagine future roles and discoveries of medicine.

Instructor Bio

Dr. Patsy Harvey received her Doctor of Optometry and Masters in Public Health from UC Berkeley. She currently teaches at the UC Berkeley School of Optometry, including courses on Systemic Diseases, Geriatrics, and the History of Medicine and Optometry. During her international travels and clinical work, she developed a fascination with health beliefs in other countries and times, and enjoys discussing their beliefs and myths with others.


Students enrolled in this seminar should be curious about people's beliefs and misconceptions about health and diseases, including our own myths about vision.