Materials Science and Engineering 24, Section 1

Materials and Weapons of War through History (1 unit, P/NP)

Professor J. W. Morris Jr.
Friday 10:00-11:00, 348 Hearst Mining Building, Class number: 36385

For most of known history, advances in materials technology have appeared primarily in two areas: objects of art and weapons of war. The former build civilization. The latter have often set its course, as critical military engagements from Kadesh to Kosovo have most often been dominated by the forces with the superior technology. In this seminar, we shall use the development of weapons through history as a vehicle to understand the important properties of different types and classes of materials, and trace their technological development and technical significance across the millennia.

Instructor Bio

Professor Morris has been a member of the Berkeley faculty since 1971 and was Program Leader for the Advanced Metals Program at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory for almost twenty years. He has taught the introductory course Material Science and Engineering 45 for most of that period, and is a recipient of the University’s Distinguished Teaching Award.

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