Earth and Planetary Science 39A, Section 1

Earth Science in the Field (2 units, LG) SEATS AVAILABLE

Professor Hans-Rudolf Wenk
Wednesday 5:00-6:00, 325 McCone Hall, Class number: 23977

Students have an opportunity to learn about the Earth through direct field observation. The main part is a four-day field trip that introduces a variety of geological issues ranging from the evolution of California to rock-forming processes, earthquakes, environmental concerns, mining and water management. A fee is required to cover the cost of transportation and food. Students enrolled in this course will need a tent and sleeping bag for the field trip. Freshmen and sophomores only!

The seminar consists of introductory lectures about geology, with an emphasis on California. The main part of the course will be a four-day field trip (Thursday-Sunday) some time in March or early April (exact dates will be determined in December). The field trip involves some strenuous hiking, and camping.

Instructor Bio

Hans-Rudolf Wenk is a Professor of Geology. He joined the Department of Earth and Planetary Science in 1967. His research is in crystallography, mineralogy, structural geology and rock deformation. For more information regarding Professor Wenk, please visit his faculty web page at


This class is generally highly oversubscribed and freshmen in physical science are given priority. Please fill out the questionnaire below. It will be used for admitting you to this freshmen seminar. Course Application: