South and Southeast Asian Studies 39, Section 3

Contentious Politics and Southeast Asian Literature (Focus on Vietnam and the Philippines) (2 units, LG) SEATS AVAILABLE

Dr. Maria Josephine Barrios-Leblanc and Lecturer Hanh Tran
Friday 2:00-4:00, 106 Wheeler Hall, Class number: 17245

Do you like debates? How do you think people can debate about politics through literature? This course looks into the dynamics of literature and politics in Vietnam and the Philippines by asking the following questions: How have writers articulated their beliefs on colonialism, human rights, gender and class through poetry and fiction? When does ideology inform literary techniques? How can we study specific genres such as prison literature, testimonial literature, guerrilla literature, and underground newspapers and literary magazines?

Instructor Bio

Maria Barrios-Leblanc has a Ph.D. in Filipino (Philippine Literature) from the University of the Philippines (UP). Before coming to UC Berkeley, she served as Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the UP College of Arts and Letters. She has written/edited more than a dozen books including language textbooks, poetry collections and research on Philippine drama and literature.

Faculty web site:

Hanh Tran holds an M.A. degree in South and Southeast Asian Studies with a concentration in Political Studies and Literature. He has been a lecturer of Vietnamese language and literature at UC Berkeley since 2006. He has also guest lectured and co-taught several seminars on Southeast Asian Literature and Movies. His current research interest is in Southeast Asian Material Culture and History of Art. He Also sponsored several DeCal courses on Vietnamese culture through films.


All readings and discussions will be in English.