Portuguese 24, Section 1

Hello Brazil: An Introduction to Brazil and its History, Literature and Culture (1 unit, P/NP) SEATS AVAILABLE

Professor Candace Slater
Tuesday 11:00-12:00, 180 Barrows Hall, Class number: 41131

This seminar offers a description of Brazil–a vast and varied country–through some of its major literary and artistic expressions. It provides a sense of roots for some of the challenges that Brazil is currently facing as well as a notion of its shifting identities. The title "Hello Brazil" comes from a celebrated film about cultural and economic change.

Instructor Bio

Candace Slater teaches Brazilian literature and culture, as well as courses on the Amazon, in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. She has a secondary affiliation with the Energy and Resources Group. She is the author of seven books and many articles and has traveled widely throughout Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula.

Faculty web site: http://spanish-portuguese.berkeley.edu/our-faculty/


Students do not need to have any sort of prior background. Some familiarity with Latin America is welcome but by no means required. All readings and discussions will be in English.