Vision Science 39, Section 1

Demonstrations and Student Action: What is Free Speech? (2 units, P/NP)

Tuesday 1:00-3:00, 394 Minor Hall, Class number: 40700

This Freshman / Sophomore seminar will explore how UC Berkeley can do a better job of handling controversial speakers. This past semester the Berkeley College Republicans invited Milo Yiannopoulos, David Horowitz and Ann Coulter to give talks on campus. All three were cancelled in different ways. The Milo event made national news with $100,000 in damage to campus property. The threat of violence is making free speech difficult on our campus. This seminar will explore new approaches for enabling free speech to come back to UC Berkeley.

We will examine the causes and potential solutions to this problem. I hope the seminar will have a diversity of views that can be respectfully discussed. We will invite leaders of the various factions, including students, faculty and outsiders to come to the seminar for discussions. UC Berkeley has become the main university in the US for where these conflicts are taking place so the topic that we discuss and potential solutions can have special importance to other universities.