Linguistics 24, Section 4

Voices of Berkeley: Everybody has an Accent (1 unit, P/NP)

Professor Susan Lin
Friday 11:00-12:00, 225 Dwinelle Hall, Class number: 46805

No two people speak exactly alike; each person has their own unique "accent". This class will explore how our diverse backgrounds, personalities, and current experiences affect the way we speak (or use signed languages). We will examine how the concept of accent is presented in literature and media (often in the guise of stigmatizing some group) and the extent to which individuals are able to change their accents over time or across different settings. Through discussing this topic, we will touch on some basic areas of linguistics. However, no prior knowledge of linguistics is assumed or required - just bring an open mind!

Instructor Bio

Susan Lin is an Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Department at UC Berkeley, who specializes in phonetics (the study of speech). Her research focuses especially on articulatory phonetics—the anatomy and physiology of speech.

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No prior experience with the formal analysis of music, literature, or language is required.