Mechanical Engineering 24, Section 1

Art and Science on Wheels (1 unit, P/NP)

Professor Benson Tongue
Friday 10:00-11:00, 214 Haviland Hall, Class number: 39677

This seminar will examine two devices near and dear to my heart—the automobile and the bicycle. Both of these have undergone a long history of change and innovation; both inspire passion in their users; and both embody technical as well as artistic excellence. Some issues we will look at will be efficiency, alternative power sources, environmental impact, dynamics, aerodynamics and handling. Along the way we'll dispel some myths, and ideally people will leave with a deeper appreciation for what bicycles and cars truly represent.

Instructor Bio

Benson likes to profess in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His interests lie in the fields of vibrations, dynamics and controls, not to mention Scottish dancing, bicycling, fast cars, bird watching, photography and playing around with Photoshop. His books, Principles of Vibrations and Dynamics: Analysis and Design of Systems in Motion, make great bedtime reading.

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Upright bipeds with bilateral symmetry preferred. Hopefully mammalian.