Linguistics 24, Section 2

One State, Many Voices: Linguistic Diversity in California (1 unit, P/NP)

Professor Line Mikkelsen
Tuesday 1:00-2:00, 134 Dwinelle Hall, Class number: 22756

The goal of this seminar is to give you a sense of the linguistic landscape of California. The questions we'll be addressing include What languages are there in California? How do these languages relate to each other linguistically? How, where, and when did they come to be spoken in California? And what factors and pressures have shaped the linguistic landscape of California today?

Instructor Bio

Line Mikkelsen grew up in Denmark and came to California in 1998 for graduate studies in linguistics. Since joining the UC Berkeley linguistics department in 2004, she has become involved in California Indian language reclamation work and generally interested in the linguistic richness of California and its peoples. She is a native speaker of Danish and also enjoys speaking English, German, Karuk, and Spanish, and learning about other languages in the state and their speakers.