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Molecular and Cell Biology 90E, Section 1
Matter, Mind, Consciousness (1 unit, P/NP)
Professor David E. Presti
Wednesday 2:00-3:00, 301 Barker Hall, Class number: 46935

All we know comes to us via our mental experience: our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and conscious awareness. However, it is a deep mystery as to how the physical processes of our brain and body give rise to the subjective experience of consciousness. Some argue that the investigation of this mind-body connection is the most profound question in all of science, impacting everything about who we believe we are and how we relate to the rest of what we call reality. We will address this question from the perspectives of biology, philosophy, physics, and psychology -- cognitive science, broadly defined. Students interested in all areas of the arts, humanities, and sciences are encouraged to enroll.

David Presti has taught neuroscience at UC Berkeley for more than twenty years. For nearly ten years, he has also been teaching neuroscience to Tibetan monastics in India.

Faculty web site: http://mcb.berkeley.edu/labs2/presti/

"It's fascinating, stress-free, and unique. Professor Presti is awesome and your role in this class is significant. As a student, you really decide how the class runs as well as the course materials." - student in spring 2015 seminar

"Take it! You will not be displeased. This course is an amazing adventure through the mind hosted by an incredible, personable professor." - student in fall 2014 seminar

"You will learn about things you probably would never be exposed to in any other class at Cal. The breadth of the course materials makes for an eye-opening learning experience." - student in fall 2014 seminar

"Professor obviously cares about students and is eager to hear from everyone." - student from spring 2013 seminar

"It is very thought-provoking in fields of thought too infrequently wandered. A+." - student from spring 2013 seminar

"This course is a 'must' because it will meet your expectations. Professor Presti is such a great guy and his seminar is one of a kind." - student from spring 2012 seminar

"The name says it all. Take this course! Presti will change your mindset - on the mind." - student from spring 2011 seminar

"You will be inspired and enthralled, this is a must-take class for any student." - spring 2009 student

"I felt 100% at home when I came to this seminar. I looked forward to coming every week, as Dr. Presti was amazingly friendly and allowed for us to talk about any concerns or experiences we were having in our first semester at Berkeley. I'm very glad I could get to know such a great professor my first semester here." - fall 2008 student

"This professor teaches thousands of students. It's great when a professor of that caliber knows who you are." - fall 2008 student

"I would like new students to understand how great Professor Presti is. His kindness and enthusiasm were greatly appreciated." - fall 2008 student

"The Professor Presti is the best I have seen here, very approachable, not intimidating, and fits the role perfectly." - spring 2008 student

"Professor Presti is really awesome and he's very open minded to what students have to share." - spring 2008 student

"The seminar is extremely interesting and intellectually stimulating. Professor Presti has such amazing insights and resources!" - spring 2008 student
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