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Native American Studies 90, Section 1
Myth, Memory, and History: Understanding Native America (4 units, LG)
Lecturer Diane Pearson
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:00-12:00, 209 Dwinelle Hall, Class number: 18017

Course Threads This course provides an overview of the history of the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere, and proceeds from the premise that knowledge of Native America is essential to the study of the Western Hemisphere. It will survey a number of societies, cultures, lifestyles, and contemporary and historical issues. This is a Course Threads Theme Seminar. This seminar may be used to satisfy the Social and Behavioral Sciences or Historical Studies breadth requirement in Letters and Science.

Dr. Pearson holds a Ph.D. in American Indian Studies and specializes in American Indian law and policy, societies and culture, and education.

Faculty web site: http://ethnicstudies.berkeley.edu/faculty/profile.php?person=70

Quotes from Fall 2016 seminar:

Professor Pearson is obviously an expert on the topics discussed and infuses her lectures with other relevant information that wasn't in the presentation. Her anecdotes are amusing and insightful.

The small class size makes Dr. Pearson more accessible than most professors on campus.

Her teaching style involves students teaching each other.

Quotes from students in Fall 2015 seminar:

"I never thought there would be dance ceremonies to welcome salmon fish. I thought this was very interesting about the culture of Native American Indians."

"The readings are fascinating."

"It is very well taught and provides significant background that can be applied in other areas of study."

"The professor is passionate, very knowledgeable, and kind."

"Extremely enjoyable -- a must-take class." - student in fall 2010 seminar

"Dr. Pearson is awesome and the readings are very interesting." - student in fall 2010 seminar

"It challenges you to think carefully about the processes that shape cultures and civilizations." - student in fall 2009 seminar

"All I can say is that I looked forward to coming to this course." -- student in Fall 2004 seminar
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