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Education 24, Section 1
Hot Topics in Higher Education (1 unit, LG)
Ms. Ellen Switkes
Tuesday 3:00-5:00, 768 Evans Hall, Class number: 46739

This seminar will meet the first eight weeks of the semester, beginning August 29. The instructor will hold office hours after class or by arrangement.

This seminar will focus on current topics of interest in higher education such as admissions policy, why college costs are so high, athletics, student speech codes and academic freedom, the student social scene, internationalization of higher education and high-school-to-college transition. Student-selected topics will also be included.

Ellen Switkes is Assistant Vice President Emeritus in the University of California Office of the President, and currently she is program coordinator at the Center for Studies in Higher Education.

Quotes from Fall 2016 seminar:

I would definitely recommend this class even if you don’t believe you are interested in higher education. It is enlightening and useful to know about the basics of the higher education system.

I learned that college is an umbrella of opportunities, and to make it a worthwhile experience you have to go out and try.

I learned how to write sophisticated opinion pieces on a weekly basis. It helped me with my anxieties around college writing.

Quotes from students in Fall 2015 seminar:

"It provided a plethora of information about things that are important to learn about to be successful at UC Berkeley."

"The most important thing that I learned in this course was the ability to articulate and express a belief in a clear and concise way."

"It was an amazing experience to meet administrators and hear from them on various topics in higher education."

"This seminar will totally help you learn more about the campus. It will also give you multiple tips on education." - student in Fall 2006 seminar

"Ellen's great." - student in Fall 2006 seminar
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