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Mathematics 24, Section 1
Using Random Walks in the Physical and Social Sciences (1 unit, P/NP)
Professor F. Alberto Grunbaum
Thursday 10:00-12:00, 939 Evans Hall, Class number: 16388

Class will meet for 2 hours on the following dates: August 24 & 31; October 12 & 19; and November 9, 16, & 30.

Random walks (whatever they are) have been used as models to understand all sorts of phenomena. More recently this has been enriched with the introduction of so-called "quantum walks." I will explain what this is all about and illustrate some of the surprising results one can explain with these tools by looking at the so called Parrondo's paradox (you may want to Google this one).

Alberto Grunbaum is a Professor in the Mathematics Department at UC Berkeley. His fields of expertise include analysis, probability, integrable systems and medical imaging.

Faculty web site: http://math.berkeley.edu/people/faculty/f-alberto-gruenbaum

Quotes from students in Fall 2015 seminar:

"I liked that the professor gave us opportunities to talk and discuss ideas."

"It involves the study of many card tricks and games!"

"The teacher this year was really cool and it is stress-free and fun."

"The examples given in class are fun - about decks of cards and Parrondo's paradox." - student in fall 2013 seminar

"This course is meant to challenge your logic when it comes to math." - student in fall 2013 seminar

"The course teaches very mind-blowing things about the nature of probability." - student in fall 2012 seminar

"Parrondo's paradox was cool (I told my friends). - student in fall 2011 seminar

"It’s fun!" - student in fall 2007 seminar

"It was a great experience." - student in fall 2007 seminar
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