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Environmental Science, Policy, and Management 24, Section 1
Issues in Natural Resource Conservation (1 unit, P/NP)
Professor David Wood
Friday 10:00-11:00, 332 Giannini Hall, Class number: 23435

There is one optional field trip to Muir Woods on a Saturday or Sunday from 8:00 am to 3:00 p.m. to be arranged.

Some of the issues to be dealt with include management and preservation of timberlands; reducing fire risk through logging; management in wilderness areas; endangered species; importation and exportation of logs; the lives of John Muir and Gifford Pinchot; trees and religion; can rain forests be saved?; killer bees; coral reefs—human threat; jobs versus spotted owls; vegetarianism; Muir Woods, past and present; garbage in the United States; biofuels; solar power; airport expansion in the San Francisco Bay Area; the competition for water; fracking; global warming and geoengineering; and many more topics to be selected by the students.

Professor Wood's research interests include host-selection behavior of forest insects, chemical ecology, the biology and ecology of bark beetles, forest pest management, the biodeterioration of wood by insects, and insect/pathogen/tree interactions. In 1995 he was awarded the Berkeley Citation for distinguished service to the University.

Among his numerous publications, he recently co-authored three research papers, one that is published in Forest Ecology and Management, one in Forest Science and one in Environmental Entomology.

Faculty web site: http://ourenvironment.berkeley.edu/people_profiles/david-wood/

"Take this class if you are interested in staying up to date on current environmental issues/ projects and want to discuss them" - student in spring 2015 seminar

"It is primarily student-led; Professor Wood cares a lot about his students and has a lot of wisdom." - student in fall 2014 seminar

"It's a class you'd want to be in. The material we learned was interesting, and there was plenty of room for discussion." - student in spring 2014 seminar

"It was great because I got to talk one on one with a professor, and I developed relationships with other students I might not otherwise have met." - student in spring 2014 seminar

"This seminar definitely achieved what it set out to do. Because of the comfort I felt talking here, I started to talk more in my other classes." - student in spring 2009 seminar

"Professor Wood is a really good professor who is passionate about this course." - student in spring 2009 seminar

"This class was an excellent example of what the intended goals of seminars are supposed to be. Professor Wood led the discussions well. The topics discussed were diverse, which allowed discussions to not be repetitive." - student in spring 2009 seminar

"I had the pleasure to get to know Professor Wood very well during this seminar, and he made all the students feel welcome and comfortable in class." - student in spring 2009 seminar

"The Freshman seminar is a wonderful opportunity to explore 'natural resource issues' with students who will lead the way in the future. " - Professor David Wood

"Take it. It is a fun and awesome class. The professor is great." - student in spring 2007 seminar

"I think Professor Wood did an exceptional job. There is nothing I would change about this course." - student in fall 2006 seminar

"I think it is wonderful to listen and share my opinions with a professor. It makes me feel great that I have a professor who knows my name and recognizes me on campus. - student in fall 2006 seminar

"Professor Wood is a wonderful warm man whose passion for this subject truly comes out. I highly recommend it." -student in fall 2006 seminar

"I think this course gave me a chance to fit into the “intellectual community” here at Berkeley. Professor Wood is full of amazing stories about his research, work, education; and he was willing to open up to us and help us transition into the University setting. We went on a field trip to Muir Woods during which the Professor seemed really interested in our thoughts and goals for our future at Berkeley. He offered advice about interesting classes and good professors." -- student in spring 2005 seminar
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