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Seminars in the News

Spring 2016

History 24: Museums of Berkeley (1 unit, P/NP), Professor Thomas Laqueur

Spring 2014

Economics 84: Buddhist Economics (1 unit, P/NP), Professor Clair Brown

Fall 2013

Math 24: Mathematics in Film and Fiction (1 unit, P/NP), Professor Olga Holtz

Spring 2013

Economics 84: Buddhist Economics (1 unit, P/NP), taught by Professor Claire Brown

East Asian Languages and Cultures 39A: Reading the Multilingual City: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese in Bay Area Linguistic Landscapes (2 units, P/NP). taught by David Malinowski

Spring 2012

Integrative Biology 24: Energy, Food, Fun, Money, Sex and Drugs: Changing the Course of the Sixth Mass Extinction (1 unit, P/NP) taught by Professor Anthony Barnosky

Fall 2011

Computer Science 39P: Photographing History in the Making (2 units, P/NP) taught by Professor Brian Barsky

Computer Science 39Q: Priorities Under Pressure: Critical Assessment of How the University's Core Mission is Affected by Intercollegiate Athletics (2 units, P/NP) taught by Professors Brian Barsky, Margaretta Lovell and Laura Nader

Journalism 24, Section 2: Talkin' bout My Generation (and a Few of the Others) (1 unit, P/NP) taught by Lecturer Susan Rasky

Fall 2009

Education 24: Civil Rights Law in Higher Education (1 unit, letter grade) taught by Professor Brian Barsky


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